Fortune Teller Tricks Revealed!

Fortune Teller Tricks Revealed!

Have you ever had your fortune told by a psychic? If the answer is no, you should really do it at least once since it is a lot of fun. But regardless of that, you would probably be interested to hear how scammers claiming to be psychics manage to earn for a living. Here are five tricks behind the success story of every such individual!

Disclaimers make you appear more trustworthy

Who would you trust more? Someone who tells you they are infallible, or someone who shows they are capable of admitting their faults right away? If the answer is the latter, you are in the majority. This is why a good scammer will tell you they can’t tell you everything because they don’t know everything.

There’s no trade without people

Knowing people is crucial in almost any scamming business, and even more so in the world of psychics. Take five different people and they will all react differently to the exact same piece of news. This is why you need to know how to read people in order to be in this business.

Less is more

The less they tell you, the higher the chances you will believe them. It might sound strange at first, but not when you think about it. Less details means a higher chance your “prediction” will come true and a higher chance your customer will believe you.

We’re all suckers for certain lies

But there are some things we tend to believe regardless of differences in our personalities and despite them sounding completely implausible. This is when someone tells you that you of all people are special in whatever way imaginable. Beware of such “predictions” and know that they are almost always told by frauds.

Magic tricks sure do come in handy

Some “psychics” like to make themselves appear more trustworthy by learning a magic trick or two. If you see someone is trying to impress you by bending a spoon “with their mind” or something like that, know that you are in the presence of a true fraud.