How to Tell if a Fortune Teller Is Genuine or a Scam

How to Tell if a Fortune Teller Is Genuine or a Scam

We are all interested in what the future has in store for us. This is why psychics will probably never go out of business. But wasting time and money on scams is out of the question, right? And unfortunately, there are more scams than genuine psychics out there. Luckily, there are signs you can look for that might tell you if your psychic is the real deal or not.

Watch your psychic work with others

If you are planning on visiting a psychic fair, this would be the perfect opportunity to find a genuine psychic. Not just because there will be lots of them there, but also because you will have the chance to watch them work with others. And while you are doing that, simply look for signs of fraud, such as changes in personality when customers are around.

Try to remember what kinds of questions your psychic asks

Many frauds will try to make you tell them everything yourself. They often do this simply by asking you regular questions about yourself. After reading, simply try to remember what they have asked and what they have told you themselves. If their predictions are all about the things you have told them about yourself, they are probably scamming people.

The price can tell you a lot about a psychic

It isn’t always so, but the more you pay for a session, the likelier it is that you have been scammed. Genuine psychics do earn from their work, but they aren’t trying to empty your pockets.

Listen in on conversations after readings

Especially if you are at a fair, you will be able to hear a lot in between readings. If this is an option for you, try sticking around after your session to hear what your psychic tells others about it.

Don’t ignore your intuition

And last but not least, don’t ignore your gut feeling. Although a lot of them aren’t above average, there are real scam artists out there. So if you think you know someone is a fraud, they most likely are and you are better off without them.